Selected Full Length Plays

2W, 1M: On a ship to colonize a newly discovered planet, a soldier and a teenage girl find themselves quarantined in one of the ship’s cabins with only an outdated robot and each other for company. Suddenly, they’re forced to explore their own traumatic pasts and roles in a dying society.

3W, 3M (3 of which are played by adolescents or young adults): In an ex-pat community in Brussels, ten-year-old Bee imagines herself inside the nightly newscasts of her radio journalist father. When her mother begins an affair with the diplomat next door, Bee recruits the man’s son to help realize her fantasies. As their make-believe escalates, a new reality threatens the fragile world the two families have constructed.

3W, 2M or 2W, 3M: Reeling from the death of his mother, Nico’s life gets more complicated as he finds out his wife is pregnant and his boss wants him gone. Is Nico able to escape by running away to Norway or is he just finding the Norwegian version of his old life?

Selected Short Plays

1W: A woman tries to tell the story of a long ago break-up. (10 minutes)

Part of Crashbox Theater Company’s Short Shorts at the Clarion Theater. Finalist for the Heideman Award at Actors' Theatre of Louisville.

1W, 1M: Matthew and Juliette’s marriage is tested by their small town’s unusual tradition; this year the ancient and savage ritual makes Juliette question her role as the perfect wife and mother. (20 minutes)

Winner of 2012 Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival
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